Our Top 10 BEST home decor deals!

Back to school is coming up and it’s always good to discover the best products on sale, so that you have everything you need for the new school year before everyone rushes in and they run out of stock!

#1. LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

This lamp that can be fixed anywhere, will allow you to light the dark parts you want, like your kitchen space or the inside of a wardrobe, or even a corridor or stairs, the use of this lamp is practically infinite, and this without having to pay for expensive installations, to recharge it you just have to plug it in USB, and you won’t need to recharge it for up to 6 months!

Availability: in stock

Discount: 30% OFF today

#2. Baby Astro Galaxy Projector

Give your children a treat and reduce their stress levels, with this astronaut who will project a starry sky all over their room and help them sleep peacefully

Availability: in stock

Discount: 40% OFF today

#3. Led Wall Light

 Modern designed lamps , ideal accessories for in and around your home.

Made of durable aluminum and energy efficient, the light provides beautiful effects on walls.

Availability: in stock

Discount: 60% OFF today

#4. Hydroshower Jet

Turn your basic shower into a spa like experience!

Built-in powerful fan for turbo-charged water flow that forms a marveling windmill shape when it turns on. Allows you to shower and clean up in a breeze while providing a super comfortable therapeutic shower experience that feels like getting a massage after a long tiring day.

Availability: in stock

Discount: 50% OFF today

#5.Cord organizer

If you always feel like you have wires lying around, there is finally an alternative, these clips have a sticky part and can be attached to any object and allow you to store the wires from any of your devices

Availability: in stock

Discount: 20% OFF today

#6.Sunset lamp

Once the beautiful days fade, we want to have every day the sunset or the sunrise and to keep this relaxing atmosphere and to put ourselves in a good mood in the morning or the evening before going to sleep, the sunset lamp is perfect for that!

Availability: in stock

Discount: 30% OFF today

#7.Custom Photo Moon Lamp

Your own souvenir photo in a beautiful moon lamp!

Availability: in stock

Discount: 30% OFF today

#8.Galaxy Projector

The Galaxy Projector is a compact, stylish, interactive gadget which turns any room into your own personal galaxy. With user-friendly functions and endless customizable effects!

Availability: in stock

Discount: 70% OFF today

#9.Mini-Cabin Fire Aroma diffuser

Ever wanted a cabin fire? Want your room to smell good? Here is the solution…

This is the best alternative to that cozy vibe you’re looking for with a fireplace. You also keep your room fresh with an Aromatic diffuser and create a “flame” effect using LED Technology.

Availability: in stock

Discount: 25% OFF today

#10.Creative Middle Finger Keys holder

Your own souvenir photo with your favourite song which you can immediately connect to spotify and play the music!

Availability: in stock

Discount: you save £5 today